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Last Day of Training

, Friday 22nd May 2015

Blog Post by Music Trainee, Gareth Allen

On Tuesday we had our final day of training with the Peninsula Teaching School. We started the day with an inspiring talk from Dan Simons, Director for Teaching and Learning at Trewirgie Junior School. We learnt about the importance of staying true to yourself and your own personal values when teaching, as well as understanding how significant a teacher’s impact is on the lives of the young people that we see every day. This session resonated with a lot of our cohort, and we discussed after Daniel had left how it is sometimes important in teaching to step back and not look at what you could have done better, but what you stand for in teaching and the values and ethics you are instilling in students. Being a teacher has many responsibilities – not only helping students to achieve academically, but helping them to become more well-balanced and morally-grounded young people.

Our next session for the day was from the Peninsula Teaching School Primary & Secondary Programme Lead’s, discussing our NQT Year and what to expect for the year. The session was highly informative and I personally felt much more confident and reassured about the year ahead of me, knowing my responsibilities and what I will be entitled to in order to help support my professional development.

The last session for the day was handed over to us, and we worked on organising what we wanted to do for our enrichment weeks starting on the 29th June. Having two enrichment weeks as part of our training gives us the opportunity to explore new or interesting areas of education that we have not experienced this year. Some of the cohort are planning to visit schools for students with disabilities and special needs and others are planning to spend a week working in forest schools and schools with a vocational focus.

Reflecting on this final training session and the sessions we have had over the year, I cannot express how invaluable they have been in helping our cohort to develop. These sessions, in addition to being a pleasant break from the day-to-day demands of being a classroom teacher, provide a variety of interesting and thought-provoking ideas about the world of education, offering an opportunity unlike any other to help us become better teachers.

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