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Learning Outside the Classroom

, Monday 18th May 2015

Primary Outdoor Learning DayPeninsula SCITT - trip to Charlestown

Both the Primary and Secondary cohorts have been taking part in some training sessions focussing upon learning outside of the classroom.

Evidence shows that ‘children engaged in LOtC (Learning Outside the Classroom) achieve higher scores in class tests, have greater levels of physical fitness and motor skill development, increased confidence and self-esteem, show leadership qualities, are socially competent and more environmentally responsible… This evidence-based review supports the argument that Every Experience Matters for children and young people. Experiences outside the formal classroom help provide the blueprint on which young people continue to build throughout their schooling. Evidence now exists that these experiences will have significant impact on the child’s whole development.’ Every Experience Matters Summary

Learning Outside the Classroom presents it’s own challenges as well as rewards and so some recent training sessions have focused upon educational trips, visits and out of classroom experiences.

Trainees have worked through the process of planning and preparing for a visit culminating in a session in which they themselves took part in an out of classroom experience.

The Primary cohort spent a day in the grounds of Probus C. P. School; building fires and cooking over them and taking part in other activities and team challenges – Forest School style.

The Secondary cohort went to Charlestown where they took turns at leading and taking part in cross-curricular activities that they had planned in groups.

Many of the trainees have gone on to take part in or lead trips and visits with their placement school and some will spend a part of their enrichment school experience assisting with residential trips, both within the country and abroad.

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