School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)


‘If you want to be based in a working school environment from day one, this is certainly the course for you. This teacher training programme will allow you to emerge as a creative and open minded developing practitioner and will enable you to bring your passion for teaching and working with children to life.

I am nearly at the end of my one year full time course, and I can honestly say that I have had the best time. I started in September having limited experience in a school, which was something I was really worried about; however the support system that is in place is exceptional. By working closely with your assigned Mentor and other experienced Teachers you are instantly made to feel part of a team and a valued member of the school you will be placed at.’

Becky Hardy, Drama Trainee, 2014-15

‘Teacher training with the Peninsula Teaching School has been an eye-opening and insightful year. By learning the ropes through experience in the classroom, you discover what style of teaching works for you, and how to manage with confidence the many challenges a school day brings. An outstanding element of this programme is the excellent coaching and mentoring systems, which provide you with support and guidance throughout the year, meaning there is always someone who can give you a helping hand in improving your practice. The opportunity to work in different schools during the year is also very useful, as it gives you greater perspective on the breadth of classroom environments and teaching methods used in today’s schools. I would recommend this pathway for trainee teachers without reservation. Peninsula Teaching School’s programme provides you with a fantastic grounding for a career in teaching, and a skill-set that will go above and beyond preparing you for a demanding but very rewarding profession.’

Gareth Allen, Music Trainee, 2014-15

‘St Austell has in Peninsula Teacher Training Cornwall SCITT one of the largest and I think best in-school teacher training provisions in the country. Our students benefit from the energy and creativity of trainee teachers and the staff benefit from the extra support and insight that comes with teaching others to do the job you love. Working with trainee teachers gives us the same ‘buzz’ as working with students – we love helping people to learn, whether that be teaching GCSE maths or showing a trainee how to coach a child to tackle an English assignment.’

David Parker, Chief Executive Officer – Peninsula Learning Trust

‘For me the attraction of Peninsula’s ITT programme was the fact you are actually living and breathing the school experience from day one! The framework that is in place at Penrice and the links to Plymouth University give you the support and guidance that you need and as long as you’re not afraid to roll your sleeves up and immerse yourself in school life then this is definitely the best way to experience all that the teaching profession has to offer. It’s the end of the first half term and it’s quite scary to see how much I have developed in such a short time, Peninsula give you the tools to succeed and the feedback to constantly improve. I’d definitely recommend this route to anyone who is seriously considering entering the wonderfully challenging world of teaching.’

Pete Banfield, Geography Trainee, 2013-14

‘As a career changer, who has spent over twenty-five years in the financial sector, I have been impressed by the professionalism of the trainers, my mentor and the attitudes of the teaching staff.  Penrice’s mantra is ‘every child succeeds’ and that appears to be the goal of everyone here.  David Parker and his team have made this outstanding school an excellent learning environment for the students, and an ideal location as a base for Initial Teacher Training.

Peninsula’s ITT programme gives trainee teachers the opportunity to spend many hours teaching in classrooms with different year groups and abilities from early on in the school year.  There is strong learning support in all areas of teaching including; lesson planning, behaviour management and assessment. Trainees work closely with and are monitored by mentors who support our progression and create a teaching timetable which is tailored for each student depending on their confidence.

I think this programme is sound foundation for the ITT year and will produce well trained and fully prepared teachers for the NQT year.  I am glad that I made the decision to apply for this course.’

Jan Owen, English Trainee, 2013-14

‘I cannot believe how much I am enjoying the course. I absolutely look forward to coming in each day – and I never thought I’d say that about work! Peninsula have been brilliant, and the staff are so welcoming. I learnt so much during the induction phase, and now I’m thoroughly enjoying putting this into practice at my placement school. I really feel part of a team in my Main School Placement, and part of a family amongst the Peninsula trainees.  It’s hard work, but I would really recommend it.’

Kate Martin, English Trainee, 2013-14