School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)

Why train with us?

School Centred

Peninsula Teacher Training Cornwall is a School Centred Initial Teacher Training provider or SCITT based within a large Outstanding Secondary Academy. Through Peninsula SCITT you will have the opportunity to complete your Initial Teacher Training within a school setting from the outset.

“The great thing about this training programme is that we are based in a school from the outset. The lessons are taught by current teachers who are able to make their lessons very relevant to what is happening in school right now. We can then observe what we have learnt immediately afterwards in a live classroom”    Sian, former Maths trainee

High Quality Training, Support and Opportunity

Through Peninsula SCITT you will receive high quality training, guidance and support from outstanding practitioners whilst from day one you will be learning and working alongside the pupils and putting theory into practice. The teaching school works with over 25 Cornish schools to give you the opportunities to work in a variety of environments including mainstream, independent, special and alternative educational settings. Both the Secondary and Primary Peninsula SCITT programmes are led by an outstanding practicing teacher which we believe offers a real and unique route into teaching as the training is very much by teachers, for teachers.

Experience and Track Record

Peninsula Teacher Training Cornwall was a newly accredited SCITT for 2015-16 but is already an experienced ITT provider; currently in our first year of operation as a SCITT we successfully ran a School Direct teacher training programme for two large cohorts of Primary & Secondary trainees (35 in 2013/14 and 49 for 2015/16) prior to seeking accreditation as a SCITT. 97% of our 2014/15 cohort successfully gained employment within schools by September, a large proportion of whom are now teaching within our partnership of Cornish schools.

Face to Face and Local PGCE Delivery

We work with Plymouth University whose tutors will provide the PGCE aspects of the training but with training being delivered from within Cornwall, with the advantage of a couple of conference and study days on campus. By working in partnership with Plymouth University we are able to arrange for the PGCE aspects of the years training to be delivered through face to face training sessions, avoiding the need to complete online modules. You will build a relationship with the University Tutors, who will work with you through to the completion of PGCE assignments.

Aiming High

By giving our trainees the opportunity to work with outstanding pupils, teachers and schools we feel this programme will equip you to become the very best teacher that you can possibly be.

Our aims are;

  • To provide outstanding training and support for every trainee
  • To support, develop and facilitate all trainees in becoming outstanding teachers
  • To equip all trainees with the knowledge and understanding to successfully gain the best jobs available in teaching and the skills to develop into tomorrows educational leaders
  • To graduate individual, creative and imaginative teachers that have real commitment and passion for their subjects