School to School Support / Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)
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Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)

The Peninsula Teaching School acts as a broker for eleven Specialist Leaders of Education or SLEs. SLEs are a part of the school improvement programme that also includes National Leaders of Education (NLEs) and Local Leaders of Education (LLEs). SLEs are outstanding senior or middle leaders who apply to and are shortlisted by the National College for School Leadership before being passed on to the designated Teaching School geographically nearest. SLEs work to support individuals and teams in similar positions within other schools to develop their leadership capacity and practice and so improve outcomes for children.

There are a range of specialisms for SLEs as designated by the National College for Teaching & Leadership. The SLEs working through the Peninsula Teaching School Partnership represent the following designated specialisms;

  • Closing the gap with a focus on Pupil Premium (PP) and vulnerable groups
  • English
  • ICT
  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Other subject areas
  • Religious Education
  • School Business Management and Financial Management
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • Teaching and Learning


Further information about Specialist Leaders of Education

Further information for those interested in applying to become an SLE